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Concrete driveway contractors are experts trained and licensed to repair, resurface and replace concrete surfaces on driveways or to do the complete installation from scratch.

The trick to selecting a driveway contractor to do the work for you is to check first the types of driveways they specialize in repairing, replacing or installing – some specialize on asphalt while others on concrete and still others do both.

The experience of the driveway contractor also matters as does their prices/cost. Regarding cost, you would pay around $3900 or about $4-$6 per square feet depending on where you are and the nature of the job.

Brockton Concrete Services specializes in concrete driveways, and concrete is a much more favored material for driveways because it is durable and strong and driveways made of concrete require little maintenance. Concrete driveways also match most of the user’s needs in Brockton, MA in terms of value for home.

Given our experience, faster response to customer requests, pricing and customer service, we are the best driveway contractors in Brockton, MA.

Concrete Driveway Services Offered By Brockton Concrete Services

Concrete Driveway Restoration

Restoration and repair of the driveway is probably the first thing to try before you can resurface. Even though resurfacing is recommended, it comes with the obligation of relaying the foundation. Restoration involves dealing with cracks and as they grow and crumpling the material to patch up the spots that offer bumpy and uncomfortable rides.

Because this option can actually turn out to be more costly in Brockton, MA than entirely replacing the concrete driveway, you should consider, together with Brockton Concrete Services, a number of factors before deciding to do the repair. For instance, we could advise that the age of the driveway be considered. Repairing holes and spots a 20-25-year-old concrete driveway may not be the perfect option because materials are now failing at a higher rate after years of service.

New pots and spots will certainly arise quickly later on after patching and it may not turn out to be cost-effective compared to replacing the entire driveway. As experienced concrete driveway contractors or concrete driveway repair contractors, we will follow the right processes of preparing the surface and curing to ensure they do not return as soon.

Again, the extent of damage will tell whether it is more cost-effective to redo or replace the entire driveway. If there are many issues, then repairing could take longer and the output may not be as pleasing alternative in terms of appearance. Hence, repairs and driveway restoration are most appropriate on newer not-very-old concrete driveways that are not extensively damaged.

Otherwise, fixing the holes in a driveway can be done using a patching material that is tamped down to be even with the rest of the driveway surface. However, water will finally seep through in between the old and new material and can open up the hole again.

When holes deepen beyond what is repairable, it is recommended to replace or resurface driveways. Resurfacing or replacement is also more ideal solution to ensure even looks.

Concrete Driveway Resurfacing

Resurfacing a driveway can be a cheaper and quicker alternative to restoring a worn-out driveway instead of ripping it up and replacing it. If your driveway appears old and discolored and is full of potholes, it is time to think of resurfacing. Brockton Concrete Services utilizes concrete to resurface driveways because it offers a more durable solution.

Resurfacing protects your driveway against future damages and discoloring that could occur out of continued use by traffic. Resurfacing is a more preferable option when the driveway is old enough, say 20-25 years and when repairs are not reasonable. Resurfacing is more preferable when the driveway is extensively damaged by multiple patches and cracks. In a case where you are unable to fix the driveway because of multiple subsequent repairs, it is recommended to resurface it. For instance, subsequent repairs may bring out differences in the appearance of the driveway, which can be unattractive.

Also, some homeowners may not be willing to fix persistent and deeper damages – cracks that are larger than a quarter-inch wide and more than a few inches deeper because once repaired they can return again and hence the solution would be temporary. In such cases, resurfacing by Brockton concrete contractors and or concrete driveway contractors is a much more recommended option.

In doing the resurfacing, the most important issue about it is to take out the surface layer and to completely redo it while leaving the foundation intact. Resurfacing should fix many of the issues to do with holes and patches unless they extend beyond the top layer to the foundation, which can sometimes be rare if the foundation was done properly.

Our experienced concrete driveway contractors or concrete driveway repair contractors will, first, use appropriate materials to prepare the old concrete surface to ensure that the resurfaced layer will properly fit on. We will use the pressure washers clean out dirt, oil, and flaking concrete; then we fix the cracks by repairing them with patching compound and remove water. We then leave for curing before doing the resurfacing.

Resurfacing is the most recommended option for those wanting to resell a home because appearance is the most important thing for them. It helps offer a more uniform and consistent look on the driveway. Compared to replacing, it is a more cost-effective option.

Concrete Driveway Replacement

Resurfacing can be the most recommended option for many homeowners, but it is not for some who want to completely change the path or for some reason want to remove it altogether.

Other problems might include the introduction of imbalances in the leveling of the driveway surface after a long period of use following resurfacing. Some places would, in that case, appear lower than others.These areĀ  the start of the development of holes and cracks. Replacement can also be a good option when planning to resell the home because it does away with imperfections that could lower the value of your home.

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