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brockton-concrete-services-flatworkConcrete flatwork constitutes a major part of the paved surfaces in a home. In view of the large amount of highly specialized masonry work, homeowners usually hire concrete flatwork contractors to execute the work. Concrete contractors Brockton Massachusetts have access to necessary expertise, materials and workers to complete the task in an efficient and professional manner.

From a survey of the construction site to creating an estimate and executing the task, concrete flatwork contractors do the complete range of work. You have virtually no involvement once you have given them the required instructions.

About Our Concrete Flatwork Contractors

At Brockton Concrete Services, we take pride in taking up and executing all kinds of concrete flatworks to the satisfaction of our homeowner clients. We have the required skilled manpower as well as the necessary experience of having completed hundreds of similar assignments. We are one of the most trusted and recognized concrete flatwork contractors in Brockton, MA.

There are some common concrete flatworks at homes and commercial establishments that we take up with great pleasure. These works including:

1. Sidewalks

Sidewalks are the most common concrete flatworks found in our homes. Usually, these are not made with rebar reinforcement concrete but with aggregate rock sub-base. Concrete sidewalks are laid with expansion joints placed at regular intervals. Sidewalks can have finished surfaces for better grip and safety.

2. Patios

Concrete makes for a great choice for patios. It is because of the coloring and sealing options that concrete flatworks offer. Concrete patios can be built with rebar reinforcement or just aggregate which works fine with level soil surfaces. Rebar reinforcement concrete patios are good to create raised surfaces. A wide range of sealers is used in various colors to create a variance in concrete flatwork patio.

3. Ramps

Concrete flatworks are used also to make ramps which may be sloped surfaces for better accessibility, load docks, and driveways. Concrete is the most suitable material for this kind of flatwork which has an incline as concrete can ensure an even surface on a slope. Ramps are made with rebar reinforcement concrete. Ramps have their utility wherever there is a raised walkway and sidewalk. There are legal provisions that make it mandatory to make ramps at parking lots and businesses for wheelchair-bound people to access these places. Concrete flatworks are the best option to create ramps with enhanced grip and anti-slipping features.

4. Driveways

Driveways are concrete flatworks that withstand the heavy load of the automobiles. The driveways need to have expansion joints so that they don’t develop cracks due to sustained use. This kind of concrete flatworks is built with frames on the sides. If there is no acute slope, the construction of the driveway does not need rebar reinforcement concrete unless there is a significant incline in the surface. Concrete is the best material to create driveways and various sealing options in different colors can be used to give it a beautiful look.

5. Dumpster Pads

Dumpster pads play an important role in commercial and retail facilities where heavy materials are put during their transportation in or out of the facility. These pads need to be built with rebar reinforcement. Special care needs to be taken in the construction of dumpster pads so that they come off as per the need. Its surface needs to be very strong to hold huge amounts of weight. A structure of this kind also needs to have efficient drainage around it so that it does not accumulate water near the structure.

Repair, Refinishing Work

Apart from these concrete flatwork construction, we at Brockton Concrete Services also undertake flatwork finishing, repair, polishing, and resurfacing works. However, we don’t undertake asphalt-related services.

Brockton Local Concrete Contractors

Brockton Concrete Services has been in the business of laying concrete flatworks for a long time in Brockton and the surrounding area. As a local contractor, we are always available to our customers and feel pride in offering our exclusive services to them. Our understanding of the homes and buildings in our city and nearby localities earned by working with them for many years gives us the confidence to undertake and carry out any kind of flatwork construction.

Brockton Concrete Services has a team of suitably qualified and skilled workers who know their job very well. We approach our work in a well-calibrated manner. You can always invite us to your place for an assessment of the concrete flatwork that needs to be done. We examine the surfaces and available space and based on them we give our advice for the kind of sidewalk, walkway, driveway, or patio that can be built. We also give a price estimate for the work we propose. Once details are finalized, we enter into a house repair/renovation contract and state the work.

For Brockton Concrete Services, the satisfaction of our customers is the biggest reward and we believe in being useful to the people in our city and nearby areas. That’s why we try to use the best material, create sophisticated blueprints, and execute our work with passion and dedication.

Why Choose Brockton Concrete Services?

Brockton Concrete Services is one of the oldest concrete flatwork construction companies in Brockton, MA. We have a long list of extremely satisfied and happy clients. We are fairly well known among the local homeowners who often call us for completing some or the other kind of concrete flatwork at their homes or commercial establishments.

We can take up any size of the work – big or small. You can call us for small repairs or refinishing work as well as for implementing full-scale mega projects. We have the necessary resources to execute even big and large projects.

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